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why the greek letters?

Almost from her beginning, there has been a question about why Greek letters were used to create Kappa Tau Theta Kingdom Sorority. And, ​that's a fair question that we like to address as often as we get to.

Sometimes the question "Why the Greek letters?" is asked in a way that connotes misaligned identity and/or inappropriate behavior. ​Because of the 'Kappa,' 'Tau,' and 'Theta,' people often assume we are like traditional sororities. While this is the furthest thing from the ​truth, it also gives us an opportunity to be proactive in having conversations that establish our own narrative and define who we are as a ​sisterhood.

The Greek letters provide a starting point for conversations about our partnership with God for reconciliation.

Besides the fact that God instructed us to use the Greek letters and because of our understanding that Kappa Tau Theta is an apostolic ​work, our heart posture is the same as Paul the Apostle where in I Corinthians 9:19-23 he says he is determined to “become all things to all ​men that [he] might win some.”

Kappa Tau Theta is the "vehicle" we have partnered with to bring God's heart to His daughters so that we can "do everything we can to save ​some." As such, we use the acronym C.A.R. to explain this "vehicle":

C - Conversation: The Greek letters give us a way to be proactive in starting conversations about who we are and our purpose.

A - Attention: The letters bring attention to the organization so that, while people are "looking," they are positioned to see authentic ​sisterhood.

R - Redemption: Our aim is to redeem sisterhood and sorority culture through these conversations and by establishing our own narrative ​with the attention the letters bring. As Kingdom people, we redeem ALL the things!

God can use whatever He wants to use as He pursues His daughters. And we are committed to BEing in partnership with Kappa Tau Theta ​and in service to women to "bring many to Christ".

news and announcements

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Welcome to Our New ​Web​site!

We are excited about our updated ​and upgraded “home” on the ​world wide web! Feel free to ​bookmark us and check back ​often for updates and ​information.

Neighbours Helping Themselves to Food at a Block Party

KTTheta Block Party!

To celebrate our official launch, ​the sisters of Kappa Tau Theta are ​hosting a community block party ​December 7-8, 2024! There will be ​something for everyone because ​our goal is to not only let the ​community know about us, it’s to ​also give back to our community. ​Stay tuned for details!

Membership Intake ​Comi​ng Soon!

We are right now planning for our ​next membership intake cycle, ​tentatively scheduled for late ​summer 2024. If you are interested ​and would like to be on the Wait ​List for more information, please ​use the button below!

We value...


We value people fully ​knowing their Kingdom ​identity and fully confident ​in it such that their ​spiritual and natural gifts ​ar​e always on full display


We resist division to ​instead fully function in ​our role as reconcilors, ​taking on the same ​oneness​ as the Trinity


We present the truth of ​who God is, who He ​desires to be in each of us, ​His identity in and through ​us, and how He desires to ​pa​rtner with us for others


Our interest is in BEing the extension of God’s heart and authority on earth. Our desire ​is to be active partners, participants, and catalyts for moves of God

who we aren’t

We are NOT a secret society. We have no allegiance to ​or "mentors" from the Greek god/goddess pantheon, ​and have no connection through secret ritual.

We are NOT an “alternative”. We do not position ​ourselves as a “Christian alternative” to secret societies ​or traditional greek-lettered organizations. We are one ​of a kind and confident in our contention that there is ​no other organization like Kappa Tau Theta. Period.

We do NOT require a college degree. Our sisterhood’s ​foundation is in our status as God’s daughters, not in ​our educational backgrounds. A college degree is not a ​membership requirement.

We are NOT an exclusively “black” organization. We ​welcome women from every ethnicity and nationality.

who we are

We are women committed to building a place for other ​women to reconnect with the heart of God and impact ​the world by BEing an active example of God’s ​goodness, grace, favor, and mercy.

We respond to opportunities to bring heaven to earth ​by demonstrating sisterhood and reconciliation while ​BEing expressions of His love and partnership.

We have a healthy level of curiosity that involves ​genuine interest in others. Truly walking in and BEing ​ourselves on an individual level and desiring to know ​and learn about what’s going in the lives and hearts of ​other daughters.

Re​ason & Purpose

Why We Exist:

To Reconcile God’s Daughter’s Back to the Truth of ​God’s Heart For and About Them & Empower Them To ​Do The Same for Others

Our Purpose:

We Are An Expression & Demonstration of the Father’s ​Heart As We Redeem Sisterhood Through Love, ​Goodness, Favor, Grace, Mercy, and Collective ​Strength... One Woman At A Time.


in membership?

We appreciate your interest!

Currently, we are anticipating women who:

... are interested in and enjoy the camaraderie, fellowship, and ​support of other like-minded women.

... want to be a part of something greater than herself while at the ​same time lending their knowledge, service, and talent to further ​the greater mission.

... are about making impact, not just noise. They are action takers, ​not just church-goers.

... have a strong desire to advance the Kingdom of God and want ​to know and pursue their role in that overall endeavor.

... want support in their walk with God and in building their ​relationship with Him. Church "as usual" is not enough anymore ​for these women.

... want to get into the "meat" of their faith and actually see the ​fruit of its return in their lives.

... want to understand their purpose and how to live it with ​confidence and conviction.

Does this resonate with you?

Let us know by expressing your interest - click HERE!

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