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Welcome to Our New ​Web​site!

We are excited about our updated ​and upgraded “home” on the ​world wide web! Feel free to ​bookmark us and check back ​often for updates and ​information.

Neighbours Helping Themselves to Food at a Block Party

KTTheta Block Party!

To celebrate our official launch, ​the sisters of Kappa Tau Theta are ​hosting a community block party ​December 7-8, 2024! There will be ​something for everyone because ​our goal is to not only let the ​community know about us, it’s to ​also give back to our community. ​Stay tuned for details!

Membership Intake ​Comi​ng Soon!

We are right now planning for our ​next membership intake cycle, ​tentatively scheduled for late ​summer 2024. If you are interested ​and would like to be on the Wait ​List for more information, please ​use the button below!

We value...


We value people fully ​knowing their Kingdom ​identity and fully confident ​in it such that their ​spiritual and natural gifts ​ar​e always on full display


We resist division to ​instead fully function in ​our role as reconcilors, ​taking on the same ​oneness​ as the Trinity


We present the truth of ​who God is, who He ​desires to be in each of us, ​His identity in and through ​us, and how He desires to ​pa​rtner with us for others


Our interest is in BEing the extension of God’s heart and authority on earth. Our desire ​is to be active partners, participants, and catalyts for moves of God

who we aren’t

We are NOT a secret society. We have no allegiance to ​or "mentors" from the Greek god/goddess pantheon, ​and have no connection through secret ritual.

We are NOT an “alternative”. We do not position ​ourselves as a “Christian alternative” to secret societies ​or traditional greek-lettered organizations. We are one ​of a kind and confident in our contention that there is ​no other organization like Kappa Tau Theta. Period.

We do NOT require a college degree. Our sisterhood’s ​foundation is in our status as God’s daughters, not in ​our educational backgrounds. A college degree is not a ​membership requirement.

We are NOT an exclusively “black” organization. We ​welcome women from every ethnicity and nationality.

who we are

We are women committed to building a place for other ​women to reconnect with the heart of God and impact ​the world by BEing an active example of God’s ​goodness, grace, favor, and mercy.

We respond to opportunities to bring heaven to earth ​by demonstrating sisterhood and reconciliation while ​BEing expressions of His love and partnership.

We have a healthy level of curiosity that involves ​genuine interest in others. Truly walking in and BEing ​ourselves on an individual level and desiring to know ​and learn about what’s going in the lives and hearts of ​other daughters.

Re​ason & Purpose

Why We Exist:

To Reconcile God’s Daughter’s Back to the Truth of ​God’s Heart For and About Them & Empower Them To ​Do The Same for Others

Our Purpose:

We Are An Expression & Demonstration of the Father’s ​Heart As We Redeem Sisterhood Through Love, ​Goodness, Favor, Grace, Mercy, and Collective ​Strength... One Woman At A Time.


in membership?

We appreciate your interest!

Currently, we are anticipating women who:

... are interested in and enjoy the camaraderie, fellowship, and ​support of other like-minded women.

... want to be a part of something greater than herself while at the ​same time lending their knowledge, service, and talent to further ​the greater mission.

... are about making impact, not just noise. They are action takers, ​not just church-goers.

... have a strong desire to advance the Kingdom of God and want ​to know and pursue their role in that overall endeavor.

... want support in their walk with God and in building their ​relationship with Him. Church "as usual" is not enough anymore ​for these women.

... want to get into the "meat" of their faith and actually see the ​fruit of its return in their lives.

... want to understand their purpose and how to live it with ​confidence and conviction.

Does this resonate with you?

Let us know by expressing your interest - click HERE!

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