Kappa Tau Theta is a Sorority Who Partners With God to Bring His Daughters to Himself

Commonly Asked Questions

about Kappa Tau Theta Kingdom Sorority


Are you a secret society?


Are you a ‘real’ sorority?

No, we are NOT a secret society. We ​have no allegiance to or "mentors" from ​the Greek god/goddess pantheon. ​Nothing about KTTheta is secret or is ​done in secret.

Indeed! The word "sorority" comes from ​the Middle Latin word sororitas, which ​means "sisterhood". We are definitely ​that. And, we are an organized and ​registered corporation headquartered in ​the state of Alabama.


Do you have a call and hand sign ​like other sororities?


What do you have to do to ​pledge Kappa Tau Theta?

We do not. Our connection and oneness ​are the result of our relationships with ​God. We do not seek to recruit women ​through secret ritual or alienate others ​because of secret rituals. Our desire is to ​establish genuine connections through ​our mutual identities as God’s daughters.

It is impossible to “pledge” KTTheta ​because we don’t ask you to pledge your ​life or allegiance to any Greek ​god/goddess or to the organization itself ​(which is what it traditionally means to ​‘pledge’). We do have a membership ​process that is focused on God and you & ​God. It’s your jumpstart to purpose ​rediscovery and identity immersion!

Are you a Christian alternative ​to traditional organizations?

What’s the point of starting a ​new sorority?



We are not an “alternative” neither do ​we intend to position ourselves as a ​“Christian alternative” to secret societies ​or traditional greek-lettered ​organizations. We are one of a kind and ​confident in our contention that there is ​no other organization like Kappa Tau ​Theta. Period.

Kappa Tau Theta is #TotallyDifferent. As ​a community, our aim is to reintroduce ​God’s daughters to His heart and His ​love for them while also equipping them ​to rediscover their purpose and destiny. ​Those things coupled together create an ​unstoppable woman who changes the ​world. That’s our goal: to change the ​world, one woman at a time. So we had ​to start KTTheta; this model didn’t exist ​until we did.